Tuesday, October 7, 2008

'Twilight' Tuesday: Stars Answer More Of Fans' Burning Questions ... Like What It's Like To Kiss Robert Pattinson

Ever dream of bumping into Kellan Lutz at Costco while he's buying a bulk bag of Runts? Grabbing a "Can't Hardly Wait" DVD at the store, only to find Peter Facinelli reaching for the same one? What about cornering Robert Pattinson in an elevator, just as it gets stuck between floors?

Luckily for you, MTV News is once again saving you the messiness of all that uneasy eye contact, "OME!" shrieks and possible restraining orders. The movie comes out next month (Wow! I can't believe I just wrote that!), and some of our most popular "Twilight" Tuesdays have been the first and second times we had the stars answer fan questions.

So, without further ado, we hereby present the third entry in our "Twilight" Stars Answer Fans' Burning Questions series. Feel free to keep submitting your wildest queries, and look below for all you've ever wanted to know about Anna Kendrick's lung capacity, Lutz's love of velour, and RPattz's promise to suck on your neck. (Head over to the MTV Movies blog for news on special fan events leading up to the "Twilight" premiere.)

Twilight Tuesday: Stars Answer More Of Fans Burning Questions ... Like What Its Like To Kiss Robert Pattinson

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