Sunday, October 12, 2008

Final 'Twilight' Trailer, Shot By Shot: Romance, Violence ... And Prom!

Just one month before the eagerly anticipated "Twilight" hits theaters, the third and final trailer for the flick has leaked online. The longest and most epic of the previews we've seen thus far, every shot is pure candy for a Twilighter's eyes.

Naturally, MTV News has once again put together your exclusive, definitive, shot-by-shot analysis of the new "Twilight" trailer. As you watch the clip again and again, read along to see what you may have missed, and then post your thoughts in the comment section below. These two minutes and 22 seconds of bliss have us every bit as excited as you are — so stay tuned to MTV for more "Twilight" news, and we'll see you at the theater November 21!

Final Twilight Trailer, Shot By Shot: Romance, Violence ... And Prom!

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