Saturday, October 25, 2008

'Saw' Through 'Saw V' In One Night: 10 Hours Of Torture

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — To celebrate the premiere of this week's "Saw V," theaters all over the country hosted "Saw Fest" marathons, unspooling all five movies for the low price of $15. But who'd voluntarily subject themselves to a fate as brutal as any game Jigsaw has ever dreamt up?

MTV News interns Kristen Freethy and Summer Barry, that's who!

Armed with nothing more than a notepad, pen and petty cash for popcorn, our dynamic duo hit the theater to see what 10 hours of torture porn does to the human mind. Below is their diary, detailing all the thrills, chills and "High School Musical" death fantasies.

(If you haven't seen the "Saw" movies, beware of spoilers ahead — including details from the yet-released "Saw V." For more on the latest "Saw" flick, head to our Movies Blog for a review.)

Saw Through Saw V In One Night: 10 Hours Of Torture

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