Sunday, October 12, 2008

'Twilight' Trailer Reactions: Some Fans Are Still Speechless, Others Just Can't Breathe

As soon as the third and final "Twilight" trailer made its way to MTV News on Thursday, Twilighters reacted in droves.

Most fans, like Esther, found the trailer to be "made of awesome!!!!!!!!" and can't wait for the film's November 21 release. A lot of the comments in Larry Carroll's shot-by-shot analysisand in the MTV Movies blog contained multiple OMEs and ahhhs, but it seems that most Twilighters couldn't find the words to describe just how great they though the trailer was.

Stargirl could hardly contain her excitement for the trailer, writing, "I've always liked to think that I am a very articulate speaker, even when things of great excitement and importance happen. However, in light of this recent trailer, I must depart from this standard of writing. AHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh, my gosh!!!! I cannot believe that trailer!!! It is by far the best one yet!!"

"This trailer is so good that I can't even spell," Elaine added.

It's rather difficult to transcribe most of the screams and gasps from the videos fans uploaded on YouRHere. But a few managed to calm down enough to speak. "I must say how excited I am to see this movie," Stephanie Briskey said in her video. "My heart is clenching in agony thanks to trailer number three. The cast is phenomenal. I love this book! Stephenie Meyer is amazing!"

Emsters326 didn't want to wake up everyone in her house, so she whispered her commentary. "That was unbelievable," she said. "I am speechless right now. I had to bite my hand so I wouldn't scream. ... I am at a total loss for words. This movie is going to be amazing."

Back in the blog, Alexandra described her very physical reaction to the film's trailer. "I stopped breathing. Like really actually stopped," she said. "I think it's because I forgot how to. That has never happened to me before with a movie, let alone a TRAILER. Wow. Just woww. Everything I hoped for and wayyyyyyy more."

"I had goose bumps watching it the first time," Ashwo915 wrote. "And the second, third, fourth ... and yeah, the million times I've watched it. Love the kiss, love the apple part, love everything. I cannot wait for November 21!"

"I could not breathe. The trailer is utterly amazing," Mandy said. "This just makes me more anxious to see the movie."

Cullenista described an even more visceral response: "I think my heart stopped (or should I say spluttered?); then when it started up again, it was pounding in my ears. My word! A fantastic trailer. I was going to see the movie for absolute sure, but now I can't believe how far away November 21 actually is. WOW! Wow! WOW!!!"

Try as we did, we were hard-pressed to find any negative reactions to the trailer. But in the face of such enthusiasm, does anyone dare?

Twilight Trailer Reactions: Some Fans Are Still Speechless, Others Just Cant Breathe

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