Tuesday, October 14, 2008

'Iron Man' Recasting Makes Us Wonder: Does Swapping Actors Ever Work?

Given how vocal and enthusiastic Terrence Howard has been about playing War Machine in "Iron Man 2," it was a shock to read that the actor has left the project over rumored financial issues. Will newly hired Don Cheadle live up to the role? Will fans worry about the continuity? Will he stick out like a sore thumb?

History, unfortunately, isn't on his side. We took a look at five recent high-profile cast changes in comic book or fantasy movies to gauge whether the new actor was successful in replacing an already-established actor. Then, just for fun, we took a look at some of the current castmembers of big-budget films who should be replaced — paying special attention to movies officially in the works (so no "Fantastic Four" and no reboots, like "Daredevil").

Read all our thoughts below, and then let us know what you think in the comments section.

(What's the early verdict on Cheadle and Howard? Find out on the Splash Page blog.)

"The Dark Knight"

Iron Man Recasting Makes Us Wonder: Does Swapping Actors Ever Work?

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