Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fact-Checking Oliver Stone's 'W.' — Is The Film True To Life?

Over the last few elections, a new post-debate tradition has sprung up as fact-check teams jump on air mere moments after the candidates say goodbye, eager to tell us why candidate X won't save us as much money as he claims, or candidate Y is lying about his voting record. After seeing next week's Oliver Stone film "W.," you might wish those guys were standing in the theater lobby, eager to walk you to your car.

Although the film proudly walks the line of bipartisanship, several scenes depicting our current president contain background details sure to raise some eyebrows. Did George W. Bush really once get a girl pregnant? Did he drive his car into a garage door in a fit of anger? And is his favorite piece of theater really one of the goofiest musicals of all time?

Below are several assertions presented in "W.," as well as the real-life facts.

W. Once Got a Woman Pregnant

Fact-Checking Oliver Stones W. — Is The Film True To Life?

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