Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do All Video Game Movies Suck? 'Max Payne' Stars Hope Not

In the past two decades, few forces have invaded Hollywood quite like comic book movies and video game movies. We've seen nearly two dozen of each, marketed all over the world, making hundreds of millions of dollars while supplanting books as Hollywood's primary source of inspiration.

But when you line up the two film canons for comparison, you get a list of universally beloved, ripped-from-the-pages comics flicks ("The Dark Knight,""Iron Man,""X2," etc.) paired up against a sad medium ("Doom,""Silent Hill") whose greatest moment is ... "Mortal Kombat"?

While the stars behind this weekend's "Max Payne" are convinced that they'll reverse the trend, we can't help but wonder whether the deck is stacked against them. Below, high-profile personalities from the movie and gaming worlds weigh in on a question that comes up all too frequently: Why do video game movies suck?

Do All Video Game Movies Suck? Max Payne Stars Hope Not

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