Wednesday, October 22, 2008

'Twilight' Tuesday: Anna Kendrick Says It Was 'Easy To Get Googly Eyed' At Robert Pattinson

SANTA MONICA, California — Happy "One Month Until 'Twilight' Day," everybody! If you haven't gotten yourself a cake yet, please rush out to your nearest bakery immediately.

To help you celebrate, indie darling Anna Kendrick stopped by the MTV studios recently for her very own "Twilight" Tuesday. A fun, sweet, down-to-earth actress whose career is moving along almost as quickly as she spoke in last year's "Rocket Science," Kendrick was eager to talk to us about her role as Bella's bud Jessica Stanley, making googly eyes at Rob Pattinson, and her undying love for things wrapped in pancakes.

MTV: So, Anna, how did you start out in the business?

Twilight Tuesday: Anna Kendrick Says It Was Easy To Get Googly Eyed At Robert Pattinson

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