Sunday, March 8, 2009

Jonas Brothers' Next Stop: Comic-Con?

By now, most people know all about the littlest Jonas brother, Frankie. He's the precocious 8-year-old brother of Nick, Joe and Kevin who has managed to win the hearts of JoBros fans everywhere. Many people probably aren't aware that little Frankie Jonas is the resident comic book nerd.

"He's as cool as he thinks he is," Nick said about Frankie, who will also be featured in the guys' "JONAS" TV show this spring.

According to Joe, Frankie might actually be the coolest of the Jonas pack. "He's pretty awesome, 'cause he wants to go to this comic book convention," he explained. "He said, 'Hey Joe, want to go to Comic-Con with me?' and I said, 'What's Comic-Con?' He's like, 'You dress up as your favorite superhero or bad guy and you go there and you hang out.' And I'm like, 'I totally want to go to that.'

"I'm going as ... it's either between the Riddler or ... it's in between right now," Joe said, leaving his other choice a secret. Kevin, on the other hand, had his costume all worked out: The Flash.

Nick waxed poetic about which superhero was worthy of his time. "My whole thing about superheroes is that there's all these superheroes, but nothing really compares to Superman — 'cause if you really think about it, he's the best one. He's got laser vision; he can fly."

"That's what makes him amazing, 'cause he does have a weakness," Kevin added. "Batman's just a regular guy with some gadgets." But, leave it to Joe to really put Batman into perspective: "He's a dude who's got a lot of money."

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