Wednesday, March 11, 2009

'Twilight' Actress Reveals The <i>Real</i> Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is known as a swoon-worthy Brit with a killer head of hair, but his "Twilight" co-star wants RPattz fans to see a new side of the actor.

"He's really talented, he's really smart, he's really musical, he's an intellectual, he reads," Nikki Reed told "Access Hollywood." "That's the side that I wish people would [ask about]. I don't know if anyone necessarily even knows him ... that side of him."

And although Pattinson has captured the hearts of teen girls everywhere, for the "Twilight" cast, he's no different than anyone else. "We got to know him in a different environment," Reed added. "I don't feel any differently about Rob than I do about the rest of the cast."

But one male co-star who did manage to win the affections of the ladies on set is Taylor Lautner. "Taylor's my fave!" Reed gushed, while co-star and fellow Team Jacob member Rachelle Lefevre added: "I already adopted him, back off!"

The ladies admire the fact that Lautner worked so hard to win back his role of Jacob Black for the sequel. "His commitment is unbelievable," Lefevre said. "I would've ran away. ... I would've been terrified. He had to screen-test again."

And Lautner recently admitted that he is a bit nervous about heading back on set to reprise the role he fought so hard to get. "I'm getting a little nervous," Lautner told E! News. "But I'm so thankful for the fans and even those Robert Pattinson/ Edward fans. I know we wouldn't ... be here filming 'New Moon' and [then] filming 'Eclipse' if it wasn't for them."

He just hopes that Team Edward members "don't hate on me too much. I love you guys!"

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