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'Pandorum' Stars Cam Gigandet, Dennis Quaid Bond Over Fatherhood

He's one of the hottest up-and-coming stars in Hollywood, and now "Twilight" star Cam Gigandet is back in theaters again as one of several psychologically fragile astronauts in the sci-fi thriller "Pandorum." But to hear him tell it, Cam's new bride is the one who had the most eventful existence during the film's Germany shoot.

In an interview sure to delight Cam's many "Twilight" Moms, the former vampire and new dad dropped by the MTV News studios earlier this week to talk about geeking out over Dennis Quaid, dealing with morning sickness and his epic quest to find a package of saltines.

MTV: So, Cam, "Pandorum" hits theaters this weekend.

Cam Gigandet: It does!

MTV: You've spoken about how the astronauts in this film, including yourself, suffer from a sort of space dementia. Is that ultimately what sets it apart from other sci-fi flicks? This psychological element?

Gigandet: Yeah, that's one of the cool things about this movie; they're always suspicious. And then their memories start coming back — so it's like this puzzle that they have to put together and find answers.

MTV: You spent a lot of time on a small set with Dennis Quaid. Were you able to resist any geek tendencies to ask him about what was it was like working on "The Right Stuff" or "Innerspace" or "Great Balls of Fire" back in the day?

Gigandet: [ Laughs. ] No, I don't think I ever would have the courage to ask him any of that. You're definitely close [for long periods of time while filming]. But I don't think I could ask anyone those questions. Even towards the end of the movie, I was always so nervous around him.

MTV: So you and Ben Foster and Dennis, you're over in Berlin for about three months, and you guys hit it off. What kind of stuff did you do between days of shooting?

Gigandet: Well, we shot a lot, so it was difficult [to hang out]. I also had a three-month pregnant wife with me. So that made things difficult. I spent a lot of time in the hotel room with the lights out or running around the city trying to find saltine crackers.

MTV: Saltines? Was that her pregnancy craving?

Gigandet: I would go out and leave for two or three hours [in search of those crackers] while she's just in bed; they do not have saltine crackers there. I don't think they know what they are.

MTV: I'm assuming you don't speak German?

Gigandet: No. It's very difficult.

MTV: How does one walk into a convenience store in Germany and explain the notion of a saltine cracker?

Gigandet: Pictures. [ Laughs. ]

MTV: You brought them a picture of a saltine cracker?

Gigandet: No, on iPhones, they have these applications where you [can get help] speaking a language, and they have actual pictures of the food. So I would take it to them, and I would show them this picture. They would hand me all sorts of crackers — none of them saltine crackers. It was unsuccessful. I went every single day for, like, two months. It was not good. It was tough.

MTV: Dennis also has a couple kids. Were he and the other actors pretty understanding of your plight over there?

Gigandet: Of course. Dennis was so helpful.

MTV: Did they want to go out drinking in the middle of the night but were like, "Oh, but Cam, he's a family man now."

Gigandet: No, the whole crew was very understanding that I had a mom with severe — what's it called? — morning sickness. We had to deal with that a lot. But, everyone was very helpful.

MTV: Well, I'm sure all your fans want to know: How is fatherhood treating you? Are you enjoying it so far?

Gigandet: I'm in heaven, I really am. It's one of the best things in my life. It definitely is. It's great.

MTV: We know about "Burlesque,""Priest,""The Roommate" and all these other films you've been hard at work on since "Twilight" ended.

Gigandet: Yeah. [ Laughs. ] I did 34 films last year.

MTV: You're the new Michael Caine!

Gigandet: Yeah, I'm busy. But I'm going to take a break after this.

MTV: Please, take a break and enjoy your daughter for a little while.

Gigandet: I will.

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