Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Valkyrie' Director Bryan Singer Finally Speaks Out About Tom Cruise Film

A lot has been written about Bryan Singer's "Valkyrie" without a lot of information from the makers themselves. For months, controversies and whispers have surrounded the project, which stars Tom Cruise.

The German government, objecting to Cruise's religious beliefs, initially refused to let the production film in their country. Early photos of the star wearing an eye patch were met with a healthy dose of mocking on the web. And then there are the release-date changes (no fewer than four), never an encouraging sign for a film, much less one with as much riding on it as this.

"Valkyrie" tells the remarkable true story of a group of German officers who, in 1944, plotted to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Cruise leads an impressive ensemble of actors (including Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy and Terrence Stamp) in the thriller, set for release at long last on December 26.

A few days ago, Singer — the much-lauded director of "The Usual Suspects" and "X-Men" — agreed to speak with MTV News for one of his first interviews since completing the film. Here, he weighs in on the controversies that have plagued the production and deftly dodges talk of a rumored "Superman" follow-up.

MTV: Is "Valkyrie" done?

Valkyrie Director Bryan Singer Finally Speaks Out About Tom Cruise Film

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