Monday, April 13, 2009

'Hannah Montana' Tops Box Office With Record-Breaking Haul

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "Hannah Montana: The Movie" ($34 million)
#2 "Fast & Furious" ($28.8 million)
#3 "Monsters vs. Aliens" ($22.6 million)
#4 "Observe and Report" ($11.1 million)
#5 "Knowing" ($6.7 million)

Easter weekend proved to be one for the girls, as Miley Cyrus' "Hannah Montana: The Movie" sang its way to the top spot with a debut of $34 million. Disney was unsure the pop star would be able to top her theatrical debut in "Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus: The Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour," which brought in an astonishing $31.1 million in only 683 theaters. Not only were those numbers easily beaten, but "Hannah Montana" now has the highest-grossing opening day for a G-rated, live-action movie in film history, and it ranks second among Easter-weekend debuts.

"Hannah Montana" wasn't the only one to break a record, as this Easter weekend was the highest-grossing to date, bringing in a total of $137 million. Helping with that number was last week's record-setter "Fast & Furious," which raked in another $28.8 million. While it dropped to #2, the film has had enough fuel to earn it a box-office total of $118 million in just 10 days.

"Monsters vs. Aliens" dropped to #3 in its third week but held strong over the holiday with another $22.6 million and a monstrous box-office total of $141 million.

Despite a heavy advertising campaign, "Observe and Report" didn't have a very heroic debut, clocking in at #4 with $11.1 million. Seth Rogen's dark comedy had a slightly better debut than his last headlining role in "Zack and Miri Make a Porno," but still not enough to topple monsters, aliens or Vin Diesel.

But Rogen's mall cop had a better debut than Son Goku, as "Dragonball Evolution" fell short of the top five. The anime adaptation came in at a weak #8 with only $4.7 million and will probably do better overseas, where it's already brought in $25 million. Instead, #5 belonged to "Knowing," which hung on against all newcomers for another $6.7 million, bringing its take to $68 million.

Upcoming Releases

Universal's star-studded thriller "State of Play," Lionsgate's "Crank: High Voltage" and New Line's Zac Efron comedy "17 Again" all open next week.

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