Friday, April 9, 2010

Ashley Greene Cast In 'Butter' Comedy

From vampire romance to ... butter sculpting? "Twilight" star Ashley Greene has been cast in one of the lead roles in the Weinstein Co. comedy "Butter." The story comes from a Black List screenplay by Jason Micallef, a first-time writer who has previously worked on a number of films and TV series as an electrician.

The Hollywood Reporter 's Risky Business blog reports that Greene and the rest of the cast, which includes stars Jennifer Garner (also producing), will head down to Louisiana next week to start shooting with "She's Out of My League" director Jim Field Smith.

The story, set in a small Midwestern town, follows a colorful group of local residents as they are caught up in the excitement of an annual butter-sculpting competition. Garner leads the cast as one of the competitors, a woman with a legacy to preserve in the contest. Her hopes of winning are endangered when a newcomer, a young girl (Yara Shahidi), enters the fray as well.

Butter sculptures in North America date back to the 19th century, but the art form actually has its roots in Tibetan Buddhist culture. Monks use a combination of butter and flour to sculpt tormas, small, conical figures used for a variety of ceremonial purposes. In the United States, butter sculpting is more of an artistic pursuit, and competitions often take place at state fairs.

Greene has been keeping busy outside of the "Twilight" universe. MTV News recently spoke to her at South by Southwest, where she was promoting her latest movie, "Skateland." She'll also be seen later this year with "Gossip Girl" regular Sebastian Stan and "Harry Potter" star Tom Felton in the horror/thriller "The Apparition." And of course, "Twilight" fans know very well that Greene's next big-screen appearance comes on June 30, when the vampire franchise returns with "Eclipse."

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