Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charlize Theron Wonders Why 'The Hills' Is A Hit, Raves About 'Riding The Will Smith Train'

Charlize Theron has a lot on her plate at the moment, but she really just wants you to know she's not "a nana."

After a whirlwind summer tour around the world to promote the Will Smith blockbuster "Hancock," she's back in the public eye to promote a much different kind of project, "Battle in Seattle," helmed and written by her boyfriend, Stuart Townsend. Theron headlines an ensemble cast — including Woody Harrelson, Michelle Rodriguez and AndrŠ¹ Benjamin — that dramatizes the 1999 protests in Seattle against the World Trade Organization.

But Theron had other less weighty matters on the brain when MTV News caught up with her and co-star Martin Henderson. Foremost in her thoughts? MTV's past conversations with her about "The Hills" and her apparent ignorance on the pop-culture phenomenon. This time, the Oscar winner was ready to put the subject to rest once and for all.

Charlize Theron Wonders Why The Hills Is A Hit, Raves About Riding The Will Smith Train

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